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At Personal Lifestyle Concierge, we want you to help you free up more time in your life, so we scour the internet and research magazines and present the valuable information in one easy to find place, our website.  Today we’re going to give you a tip that will absolutely guarantee that you save some time in your life.

A recent study found that 80% of the things that we do, in our day to day lives, will not mean anything to us in 5 years. This means that many of the things that seem very important to us right now, may not actually be in the bigger scheme of things. Think back in your own life, do you remember being in high school or college, the “MUST GO TO EVENT” of the season may have seemed SO important back then, how important is it to you now?

The same holds true today. When faced with so many appointments and obligations, determine which ones are actually meaningful and will have an impact on your life, and focus on those.

Keep checking back for more time savers and remember, we can help clear some of the busy work off your plate, so you can enjoy the more valuable things in life.

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October 7th, 2016|