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Two women with very different life stories find themselves living next door to each other after moving to Raleigh. From this friendship came the idea for a business. Personal Lifestyle Concierge was conceived on an early summer afternoon when Antoinette Chapman confided in her friend and neighbor, Patricia Page that she had always wanted to start her own concierge company. Patricia volunteered to help draft a business plan. After working together on the business plan for a couple of weeks both decided it would be a good idea to continue and formalize the partnership. And Personal Lifestyle Concierge was born.

President Antoinette Chapman was born and raised in Washington, DC, where she received her formal education. “As a teen, I became interested in fashion, loved music and admired models in magazines. That led me to my dream of becoming a model. I obtained a certificate in Fashion Modeling from John Casablanca modeling school. Needless to say, i was on my way. While pursuing a career locally in modeling, I realized it was not all it was cracked up to be. At least not for me. I realized that modeling was not the career path I wanted to follow. Through another job, I met a building concierge which peaked my interest in becoming a concierge. My first concierge job was in an upscale office building in downtown Washington, DC, with over 300 tenants. Tenants included law firms, financial consultants, media personalities and government officials. My job was amazing. Every day was different and I knew that I was making a positive difference in people’s lives. One day I would be obtaining tickets for sold-out events for a tenant, the next day I would be arranging holiday parties and other events for the building’s tenants. I also ran a variety of errands, included one time going to the DMV to pay a parking ticket for a tenant. It was an amazing feeling – I was the building’s “go to” person. Antoinette worked in several other buildings in Washington, DC, and Virginia, both office and residential buildings. “Being a concierge was the best job I ever had.”

Personal lifestyle Concierge Vice President Patricia M. Page was born in Boston, Massachusetts and attended Boston State College, earning a bachelor of Arts degree with a Major in Urban Planning and Minors in Economics and Political Science. “I have always loved the hustle and bustle of cities, so I decided to make them my career. I received a Fellowship from the then Department of Health, Education and Welfare to attend Hunter College, City University of New York, where I earned a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning. I specialized in health planning and health economics. My first job was as the Assistant Director of Government Affairs and Regulatory Compliance with a national home healthcare provider. I then became the executive director of the New York State Association of Home Health Care Providers, representing the interests of home health agencies at the county, state and federal levels. After living in New York for ten years, which I loved, an opportunity arose that would allow me to move back to Boston and stay in the home health field. I was the Executive Director of the Home and Health Care Association of Massachusetts for eight years. During this time I was elected to the Board of Directors of the National association for Home Care, where I served two terms. I was also President of the Massachusetts Council of Health Care Providers, an industry organization that represented the interests of all health care providers and institutions”.

Patricia moved to Raleigh in 2005. “I wanted to buy a house with a yard and real estate prices in the Boston area were astronomical. I’ve had cats for years and wanted a dog. I thought I could put the dog out in the yard to “take care of business.” Unfortunately, I have a dog that does not like to be alone. At all. Oh well, walking is good Exercise.”

In 2006 Antoinette relocated to Raleigh. “I was ready for a change of pace, a new environment. The slower pace, the milder weather and the friendliness of the people were all a great draw.” During the time I was a concierge, I met my wonderful husband, Kevin.” After three years of a long-distance commuting relationship, Antoinette and Kevin married in July 2010. “Several other members of our extended family live close by and it sometimes seems like we are running a bed and breakfast when other family members come to visit.” Through moves, job changes and all the other day-to-day challenges, we are more connected than we were on our wedding day.

Antoinette has a brother, Anthony, and three children — Dominic, Ian and Danielle. “I am a grand-mother. My daughter, Danielle, has two gorgeous little girls — Saniah, 7, and Symone, 5 going on 30. I am thrilled that Danielle and the girls live close by and I can play an active role in their lives. My son, Dominic, resides in Maryland and Ian in South Carolina. Both visit often.

Personal Lifestyle Concierge is a full-service concierge service. There are other “concierge” services out there, but many specialize in just one area like pet services or travel arrangements. Personal Lifestyle Concierge does it all — running errands, planning parties and events, research and recommendations for a variety of our clients’ needs. Since first accepting clients in September of 2016, we have provided a wide range of services to busy executives. These services have included walking the dogs, taking items to a charity shop and consignment shop, and arranging and waiting for service repair for one of our clients. We also boarded a dog for five days over the Christmas holidays. This was a last minute request from an executive in the financial industry, whose previous arrangement had fallen through. We assisted a Chapel Hill Education professional settle into a new apartment.

While Antoinette and Patricia started out in different places with very different early stories, the things they have in common vastly outweigh their differences. “Every day one of us will make a comment that was something the other was thinking. While we have had some differences of opinion about the business we have always been able to resolve any difference without any bad feelings. We decided in the very beginning that if one partner was against an action, even after discussion, we would not go ahead with it. And we have stuck to that. It is very important to us that as our business flourishes, so does our friendship.”

Personal Lifestyle Concierge is insured and an active member of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce and participates in several networking groups in the Raleigh area.