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Executive time management

Executive Concierge & Personal Assistant Services | Raleigh

Gone are the days of “9-5” for the modern busy executive. With smart phones you are connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means you may not have any downtime at all if things get busy. When you live a busy executive lifestyle, it’s good to know that there is a team you can count on to cover your day to day chores and errands. Personal Lifestyle Concierge is the personal assistant in Raleigh that you can count on to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.


Homeowner Concierge Services | Raleigh & Cary NC

Being a homeowner has it’s advantages, but it also has disadvantages too! You have a trip planned to the beach, but two days before, your internet goes out. So you schedule a trouble call, but they can’t be there until the weekend! Don’t worry, your trip to the beach isn’t ruined. Personal Lifestyle Concierge can wait for your utility repairman to arrive and take care of things. We also provide pet sitting, errand running (yeah, we’ll get your dry cleaning), and a host of other services that are useful to a homeowner.

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Condominium & Apartment Concierge Assistant Services | Raleigh

Living in the heart of the city can be awesome! You are close to work, entertainment, restaurants, and all of the other fun amenities and activities that downtown Raleigh has to offer. Unfortunately, traffic can be awful and parking isn’t always easy. Regardless of if you live downtown or in the suburbs, Personal Lifestyle Concierge can pick up your prescriptions, mail, can arrange for deliveries and can even run to the grocery store for you. We are the personal assistant in Raleigh that you can trust to make sure your errands are done right.

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If you are looking for some help with maintaining your work life balance and you live in Raleigh, NC or nearby, let’s schedule a time to do a free initial consultation. This will allow us to help come up with a plan to take some of the hassle out of your every day life, allowing you extra time to enjoy the things you want to enjoy.