About Personal Lifestyle Concierge

About Personal Lifestyle Concierge in Raleigh, NC

Our Beginnings

Personal Lifestyle Concierge, LLC was formed in Raleigh, NC in June 2016 by Patricia M. Page. After researching the internet and other sources it was discovered that the market had very few companies providing personal concierge services to individuals and families directly. Personal Lifestyle Concierge, LLC was created to provide a number of domestic and professional services to individuals and executives in the Greater Raleigh area of North Carolina. We provide services to downtown Raleigh, North Hills, Brier Creek, Cary, Apex, North Raleigh, Wake Forest and more.  These time-saving services will include:

  • Errand services
  • Personal shopping
  • Transportation reservations
  • Business referrals
  • Waiting for repair men
  • Catering & personal chefs
  • Pet services
  • Dinner reservations.
  • And More!

Personal Lifestyle Concierge, LLC can provide a wide range of other services tailored to our clients’ needs. Instead of making 10 calls the client only has to make one.

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Our Mission

“We provide elite services to help our clients create and maintain their ideal work-life balance.”

We have a service and vendor list to encompass all of the needs of both our luxury apartment clients and our professional executive clients. We understand that there are different apps and programs that are supposed to make managing many of our daily tasks easier, however, these apps don’t know who we are. By building a relationship with our clients, we are able to make recommendations and provide services that are custom tailored to each individual we assist.

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